Revelation song (arr. Knight) 

Revelation song (arr. Knight)

Bestel nummer: ECC17.1246.01
Product: Bladmuziek
Verschenen in magazine nr.: 40
Auteur(s): Jennie Lee Riddle
Arrangement: Bradley Knight
Taal: 01-English
Andere taal e/o producten: Loflied voor de ware Koning
Thema: Pasen
Stemmen: SATB/solo
Geschikt voor: Jongerenkoor
Moeilijkheidsgraad: moderately / easy
Bladmuziek: Vocal, piano & rhythm
Toonsoort(en): C
Tempo: kw=60
Stijl: Song of Worship
Copyright: © 2004 Gateway Create Publishing. For Europe, excl. UK/GSA/Scand.:
‘Revelation Song’ is a pure worship song, written by Jennie Lee Riddle as a response to her decade-long prayer to see all the nations on earth worship God with one voice. At the time of it’s writing, many worship songs focused on the worshipper. ‘Revelation Song’ became a response to that, too, saying: it is not about me, but about Jesus. He is the source and destiny of everyone and all. In the song’s lyrics and arrangement lies an emotional desire to see Jesus on His throne and witness His return. This is why, even though it starts as intimate worship, it builds to that impressive finale that gives a voice to that strong desire.
Prijs: €2,26

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